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Bed Sheets in the Kitchen

by Linda

Bun warmer
Keep bread and biscuits nice and warm at the table (detailed instructions here).
Chair pads
Recover and old chair pad for a rocking chair, use reinforced seams for strength and durability, removable for washability.
Full or half aprons
If you don't have a pattern and prefer not to fly by the seat of your pants, take a purchased apron and measure it as a starting point, add extra length, width, pockets etc as desired.
Grocery bag holder
If you reuse those plastic things in your house too, you'll find one of these really handy (detailed instructions here).
Placemats, table cloths, napkins
Serge, add piping, double fold bias tape, purchased or home made ruffles as desired.
Pot holders, oven mitts
Please use a non flammable, non meltable insulating layer only! A double or triple layer of old cotton towel will do the job a no cost whatsoever.
Small Appliance Covers
If you or someone you know likes these things you could make a whole set at a fraction of the cost of ready made, be sure to strengthen your seams with piping or tape, make sure colours won't run (these will probably be washed frequently).
Window toppers or curtains
Make them at least double the width of the window, maki sure the heading is large enough to go over your rod.
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