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Free Craft Software - Palm

Craft software, freebies and demos for the Palm, in alphabetical order.

Editor's Note:

Update: - And as of Christmas 2004, we've added a Palm E! You can get great deals DIRECT from palmOne in the US. In Canada, you can also save $$$ on palmOne open box handhelds & accessories at the official palmOne Store Canada!

As of Christmas 2002 we are the proud owners of two Palms! We just love the Palm m515! It's essentially the colour screen version of the Palm m500 (which we also now own). Okay, there are a couple of other differences too, the most notable being 16 vs 8 megs of memory. They both work like a charm, though. Sometimes I feel like I'm using something from Star Trek, but less bulky. :) Extremely useful, easy to use, fast, efficient, and fun - can't ask for much more than that.

If you get yourself one someday, be sure to get some accessories. So far, we have a slim leather case, extra stylii (is that the right word?), some screen protectors, and an SD card. And the ultimate - an ultra thin keyboard (though Graffiti is so easy to learn loads of fun to use!). They carry lots of Palm accessories at the Palm Store.

There are lots of freeware (no cost), shareware (try before you buy), and regular software available for the Palm. We've already gotten ourselves a few. You can securely register shareware and purchase or download Palm software from Software Oasis (Handheld-WAP section link at left side of page). and the Palm Store (Software section link at top of page).

Have I Missed Something?

Have you found or written any craft related software which is freeware, shareware, or has a free demo version? If you think it should be listed here please send me a description of the software (including the OS), the URL, whether you are the author, etc. Thanks...
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