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Free Craft Software

There are lots of free, shareware and demo versions of craft software on the internet. I've scoured the web and come up with a few dozen of them.

Generic Free Craft Software

For the links below, it doesn't matter which type of computer or OS you're using, since they're not platform dependent.

Blank Cross Stitch Charts - New URL!
Create your own cross stitch charts! Available for 10, 12 and 14 count.

Fabric Calculator for Quilters
You enter your block and fabric information, then it calculates the number of yards of light, medium and dark fabrics you'll need.

Graph Paper for Knitters
This graph paper is in the correct proportions for knitting, ie each square is slightly wider than it is tall. Can also be used for crochet.

Floss and Fibre Databases
Keep track of your stash of DMC Perle Cotton, Belfast and Cashel Linen, etc. These are available as .CSV files (comma separated values), can be imported by just about any spreadsheet program.

Perl Sock Program by Elizabeth Bennett
An online sock calculator, produces instructions to make a basic crew sock, choice of round or Dutch (square) heel.

The Sock Calculator v 2.1
Enter your gauge and measurement infomation and this online sock patten generator will provide you with the instructions you need to make machine or hand knit socks.

Free Craft Software Sorted by Operating System

I felt the most logical way to organize them is by the operating system required to run them. Some computers can run software based on more than one operating system (ie most Windows PCs can run DOS programs, some Macs can run Windows programs, etc.), so be sure to check out all links that apply.

DOS 3.3 or higher, most should also run under Windows.
Linux - Updated!
Finally - craft software for Nix!
Mac OS 6 and up.
Palm - Updated!
Palm OS 2.0 or higher.
All the way from 3.1 to the newest version.

Software for Purchase

The following links are for purchase only. They are not demos.

Crochet Made Easy CD-Rom
Learn to crochet like a pro with the help of your PC. Availabilty varies, it's very popular!
DMC Cross Stitch on CD-ROM
Includes animated instructions, 100 printable charts, DMC colour guide and more.
Electric Quilt 5: Complete Quilt Design Software
The ultimate quilting software with bonus Stash fabric CD, print charts, stencils, templates, includes hundred of quilt layouts, thousands of blocks and fabrics, 2 books, and on and on, requires Windows 98 or better, will also run on a Mac with 603 or higher processor.
Instant Stitch Deluxe Edition
4 CDs! Turn photos into cross stitch charts, make cardigans and pullovers for the whole family, personalized patterns for children, organize your projects. Runs on Win 98 or higher (incl XP).
Journaling Genie Software Version 1
Journaling software for scrapbooking, includes fonts and templates and a fun tutorial by Melody Ross of Chatterbox, requires Windows 98 or higher.
Knitting Made Easy CD-Rom
Learn to knit with this cd-rom from Coats and Clark. Full colour with voice overs. Includes yarn and knitting needles.
Pattern Maker Software version 3.0
Create unique, personalized cross stitch patterns, supports fabric size up to 999 by 999, converts scanned pictures into patterns, requires Windows 95 or better, available in Standard and Professional versions.
Plastic Canvas Design Studio Software
Create or download designs. Palette includes lots of colours, plus add your own! Prints in colour or black and white.
PC Stitch Cross Stitch Software
Import images, add text and patterns, change the background and colour, etc. For Windows 9x and above.

Instructional Videos

Learn crafts at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home with these instructional videos.

Have I Missed Something?

Have you found or written any craft related software which is freeware, shareware, or has a free demo version? If you think it should be listed here please send me a description of the software (including the OS), the URL, whether you are the author, etc. Thanks...
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