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Giraffe Crafts and Other Unique Items

by Linda

I had a request recently for a particular giraffe related craft supply. Well, I found lots of giraffe patterns and other items, so I decided to list them all here. One hundred percent giraffe!

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Giraffe Rug

Popular!! - Giraffe Print Rugs - the ultimate gift for the giraffe lover, avail in 5 sizes, be sure to check for coupons when you get there! Do a search for giraffe (at top right hand corner of their home page).

50% Off Framed Art! has the original, high quality First Kiss art print available, search for makulu to see D'Rain's masterpiece, and for giraffes.
( The Frame Place has a great selection of frames)  

Humorous Ottoman - Giraffe

Giraffe Ottoman - the ultimate footstool!
Also available - matching wall trophy

Marta Wileys African Savannah 2 art print

Popular!! - Marta Wiley's African Savannah 2 is absolutely gorgeous - three graceful giraffes on a warm coloured background. You can get it framed or unframed, these are high quality professional art prints.
Also available are Cheryl Roberts' Giraffe's Isosceles, Ida Ikesel's Giraffe I and II, and many many more! Do a search for giraffe (in the upper left corner of the page), for over 2 1/2 dozen gorgeous giraffe prints to choose from!

Friends in High Places

Friends in High Places - Harmony Kingdom Treasure Jest

Giraffes - Precious Moments 530115

Girl and Boy Giraffes - Precious Moments 530115
Also available:
Collectible - Keep Looking Up - Precious Moments 15997
Collectible Giraffe - Artesania Rinconada 44

More Giraffe Stuff to Make and Collect

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