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Hard to Find Craft Supplies

by Linda

Note January 2002 - Well folks, I've had this page up for a year and it's become quite popular, for which I am grateful. Unfortunately, looking for an ever increasing number of items is placing higher and higher demands on my time. As much as I would like to help every one of you, I'm afraid I now must limit my time to searches for items that are related to crochet, knitting and sewing only. For other items, there's my list of Craft Supply Retailers, the eBays (below), lots of great search engines, and the newsgroups. Good luck in your searches!

Listed below are some sources for craft supplies that can be difficult to locate - online, offline or both. They were requested by visitors like yourself. I thought I'd make the results available to everyone by putting them on this page. Follow the links below to go to the merchant's web site for further details.

Remember, if you're having trouble locating a particular crochet, knitting or sewing related craft item, please let me know. I'll reply by email once I've found it, and post the links here.

If you've tried my list of Craft Supply Retailers without success, I suggest you try

Click her for your favorite eBay items (US/International)   or   Click here for! (Canada)   or   eBay is Australia's leading online marketplace (Australia)   or   Click here to buy & sell on eBay! (UK)

At ebay auctions, you can browse or search for what you need. There are no transaction fees for the buyer.

All search results not related to crochet, knitting or sewing have been removed - except Frankie Valli. :)

Circular Knitting Needle Case - March 2004

It's nice that these are finally starting to show up in stores. If you still can't find them in your area, or just want to window shop, here's a link for you.

Bamboo Purse Handles - March 2004

They can be hard to find on the internet, but here they are:

They carry other styles of purse handles as well as other handbag making books and supplies.

Inexpensive Swift - updated March 2004

It can be hard to find one that's reasonably priced. How about a homemade alternative?

Update: The original document I first linked to in March 2001 no longer exists. Why not try this alternate method, using a kitchen mixer and some ingenuity...

Yarn A Round - April 2003

Another cool classic people are always looking for - the oversized knitting knobby, corking, type thingy. :) This time it's called the Yarn-A-Round system. Yarn is looped over the teeth of a circular (round) loom, then you continue around with the yarn, pulling the loop of the previous round up and over the new strand. Easy as pie!

Yarn-Around Knitting System Kit

Handbag Making Supplies - Jan 2003

I found a new source!

I can't believe I've finally found what so many people have been asking for - hardware closures for purse making!

Snap Together Mug - September 2002

One of those great mugs that allows you to insert a swatch of fabric, knitting or crochet or tatting sample, cross stitch design, whatever your heart desires! This one holds 12 ounces.

Filet Crochet Book - June 2002

How do you make that wonderful lacy stuff that looks like a picture? Here's my choice for the best filet crochet book ever. Everything you need to know, a nice selection of patterns, too. Absolutely fabulous!

Toe Sock Pattern - June 2002

A pattern for socks where the toes are all knitted separately, usually in different colours. You can get it in this book, with 70 patterns from the Knitter's Magazine sock contest. Great eye candy!

Pattern Stand / Holder - April 2002

You know, to prop up your pattern or book and hold it at a readable angle so your hands are free to keep knitting, crocheting, embroidering, cross stitching, eating chocolate, etc.

Styrofoam(tm) and Similar Craft Foams - March 2002

I promised this info a long time ago, and even though it's not directly related to the crafts stated above, I'm putting it on the web site.

Music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - December 2001

I love those guys! I've finally put together a page of links and as requested by visitors to my fan page. Music may not be a craft supply, but it is a craft. :) Big girls, do-on't cry-iy-iy...

Crocheted Beer Can Hats - December 2001

I'd never heard of this before, however an intense search has resulted in the following link:

Crocheted Tam Pattern - November 2001

There are a few of these at About but they look very dated. Here's a book with patterns for nine different crocheted sets - including hats, mitts and scarves.

Glitter Yarn for Christmas - October 2001

Yes, that Christmas sparkle yarn that some folks love and some absolutely detest. If this is your thing and you want to get started early (it's October as I type this), here you go:

Camouflage Yarn - October 2001

This can be really hard to find when you need it. You don't have to be knitting for the troops to use camouflage coloured yarn. This one comes in a few different ombre (variegated) comouflage colours.

Search eBay for what you need - October 2001


Mr and Mrs Santa Dolls - October 2001

All ready to be dressed up however you like. These 14-15 inch dolls come dressed in their undies, and with a free crochet pattern for clothing. Aren't they cute!?!?!?

Santa Claus Doll w/Free Crochet Pattern 15 Mrs. Claus Doll w/Free Crochet Pattern 14

Squeaker for Stuffed Animals - September 2001

Found in an unlikely place...

Top Down Raglan Cardigan Pattern - July 2001

It was not stated whether it was a child's or adult's pattern needed, so here are links to books containing both. You can also find lots of hard to find craft books at eBay.

Printing on Fabric - May 2001

Here are some products that enable you to print on fabric.

Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles - Mar 2001

There's nothing like the feel of knitting needles made of natural materials. In addition to sweaters and afghans etc., you can use two circular needles of any length to knit socks if you don't like using double pointed needles (learn how with Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles - a Manual of Elegant Knitting Techniques and Patterns).
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