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Thank You Gallery

Much thanks to the following craftspeople who've taken my little patterns and ideas and turned them into something wonderful. Best of all, they're willing to share the results.

If you've used one of my patterns and would like your work featured here, please send me an image of it, along with a link to your email or web site address if you'd like it included. Thanks!

Easy and Cheap ...Crafts!
Easy and Cheap ...Crafts! at 
Planet Shoup
[Folksy Socks] [Red and White Socks]
My Folksy Socks were knitted by Marilyn for her granddaughter, Kara. My Red and White Socks were knitted by Dawn, of the Socknitters list.
[Paul's Seven Socks] [Purple and Grey Socks]
Paul's Seven Socks were knitted by Denise, another Socknitter. My Purple and Grey Socks were knitted by Janet.
[Folksy Socks] [Comfort Socks]
Another interpretation of my Folksy Socks as knitted by Martha of SK. Comfort Socks as knitted by Jackie, SK.
[Mother Socks] [Mini Moebius Scarf]
Mother Socks in 2 different colourways, knitted by Andrea G. Mini Moebius Scarf by Ranjit, a trial version! :)

Thanks so much...


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