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Afghan Sizes

by Linda

A handy reference from information collected over the years from the internet, various publications, patterns, first hand knowledge, etc.

The sizes given are intended to just cover the top of the intended item or recipient, plus a couple of inches extra. You'll need to make it larger be adding extra squares on three of the four sides, or go up a size, to allow extra for hanging over the side, tucking in, etc.

I've also added a quick reference for the number of knitted or crocheted squares in the most common sizes for each size afghan. Where the number of squares does not work out exactly, the number given will make a slightly larger item than given under Measurements. In brackets is the arrangment of the squares, ie 48 (6x8) means that particular size takes 48 squares, and they should be assembled 6 columns across (in width) by 8 rows down (in length).

Note: The bed sizes are based on Canadian measurements. Elsewhere in the world, they may be somewhat different.

The Most Common Afghan Sizes and How Many Squares They Take

Item and Actual Size in Inches Afghan Measurements in Inches Number of 6x6 in (15x15cm) Squares Needed Number of 8x8 in (20x20cm) Squares Needed Number of 12x12 in (30x30cm) Squares Needed
Preemie / Pet 15-24 square 9 (3x3) OR
16 (4x4)
8 (2x2) OR
9 (3x3)
4 (2x2)
Isolette (Hospital) / Large Pet 36 square 36 (6x6) 25 (5x5) 9 (3x3)
16 x 36 18 (3x6) 10 (2x5) N/A
20 x 36 24 (4x6) 15 (3x5) 6 (2x3)
30 x 54 45 (5x9) 28 (4x7) 15 (3x5)
Toddler / Lapghan (Wheelchair) 36 x 48 48 (6x8) 30 (5x6) 12 (3x4)
Child 42 x 48 56 (7x8) 36 (6x6) 16 (4x4)
Twin Bed / Adult
48 x 78 104 (8x13) 60 (6x10) 28 (4x7)
Long Twin Bed
48 x 84 112 (8x14) 66 (6x11) 28 (4x7)
3/4 Size Bed
54 x 78 117 (9x13) 70 (7x10) 35 (5x7)
Double Bed / Large Adult
60 x 78 130 (10x13) 80 (8x10) 35 (5x7)
Long Double Bed
60 x 84 140 (10x14) 88 (8x11) 35 (5x7)
Queen Bed
66 x 84 154 (11x14) 99 (9x11) 42 (6x7)
King Bed
80 x 84 196 (14x14) 110 (10x11) 49 (7x7)
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