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Crochet Terms Conversion Chart

by Linda

Gotta love crochet - but it can be a problem when the pattern you want to use comes from a different part of the world. A double crochet in North America is not the same a double crochet in the United Kingdom.

In general, it seems that in the UK the number of loops on the hook including the first loop that's already on your hook influences its name, but in North America it's the number of loops excluding that loop. The chart below may be of some assistance to you if you're attempting to crochet a pattern written the "other" way.

We also have a Crochet Hook Conversion Chart.

North America:                United Kingdom:

skip                          skip / miss
chain                         chain
slip stitch                   slip stitch / single crochet
single crochet                double crochet
double crochet                treble crochet
half double crochet           half treble crochet
triple / treble crochet       double treble crochet
double treble crochet         triple treble crochet
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