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Grafting (Kitchener Stitch)

by Linda

This is the what I recite to myself while grafting the toe of a sock. These are definitely not full instructions by any means - there are many excellent step by step instructions available elsewhere. This is simply my own little way of remembering which order to do things while grafting. Use it at your own risk of amusement.

(preparation stitches)

(repeat two lines below to end)


That's all she wrote... ;)

Now here are some brief, yet more detailed, grafting instructions.

With right side facing, free end of yarn on right hand side of work, one needle in front and one in back, working right to left, and passing yarn under the needles back and forth between front and back as you go:

  1. Thread yarn through first st on front needle knitwise, then through first st on back needle purlwise
  2. Knitwise through first st of front needle and drop it off needle
  3. Purlwise through next front st and leave on needle
  4. Purlwise through first st of back needle and drop off needle
  5. Knitwise through next back st and leave on needle
  6. Repeat last 4 rows above til all sts are worked
  7. Knitwise through last front st and remove from needle, purlwise through last back st and remove from needle
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