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Converting Patterns Between Knit and Crochet
An absolute necessity if you're more comfortable or familiar with one of the two methods.
Converting Charts
How to use a knitting chart for crochet, a filet crochet chart for knitting, etc.
Crochet Glossary
Is that English hdc or North American hdc? (A glossary of crochet terms used on this site.)
Crochet Hook Conversion Chart
The pattern calls for size 5, my hook says H, the yarn wrapper says to use size 6...
Crochet Terms Conversion Chart
A double crochet in the UK is not the same as a double crochet in the US.
Eucalyptus Wool Wash
Recipe for home made, courtesy of Jennifer.
Grafting (Kitchener Stitch)
It doesn't have to be a frustrating process.
How Much Yarn - New!
A chart to help you estimate how much yarn you need for your knitting project.
Knitting Glossary
So, what is ssk, anyway? (a glossary of knitting terms used on this site)
Knitting Needle Conversion Chart
Size 4? Is that metric, Canadian or American?
KoolAid (tm) Dyeing
In the microwave, how to do it and how not to do it.
Math for Craft Design
Using Fibonacci numbers, Lucas numbers and the Golden Ratio.
Mothballs and Alternatives
How to give those little critters their eviction notice - with or without chemical assistance.
Don't skip this most important step.
Variegated Yarns
Working with those wonderful multicoloured yarns and threads.
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