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Practical Uses for Variegated Yarns and Threads

by Linda

Do you love multi coloured yarns but not the headaches that can go along with them? By using smaller amounts of variegated yarns in certain ways, you will greatly reduce the number of problem situations that you encounter.

Below are a few ideas to integrate them into your project without too much frustration.

As Trim


Add a variegated fringe to the ends of an afghan, hem of a sweater, etc.


Use picots, reverse sc (crab stitch), blanket stitch (embroidery), garter stitch or seed stitch at the edges of an afghan, pockets, the hem edge, etc.

In Smaller Areas

In smaller sections:

You may want to try using a solid colour for the main sections of the project, and variegated on the rest (ie sweater body and sleeve body in a solid; collar, placket, ribbing and cuffs in a vareigated).

Fair Isle:

Try a fair isle design using a contrasting solid colour background and a variegated yarn for the design. This works especially well if the color repeats are short.

Granny squares:

Throw in an occassional variegated square or make every second or third round of every square multicoloured. This can look smashing if the colours are well chosen.

Ripple afghans and other afghans worked in one piece:

Every so often, use a multicoloured yarn for a couple of rows. Afghans are usually large enough that it's easy to determine which colour you began with the last time, so you can duplicate or change the colour repeat as you see fit.

If you have any tips or ideas you'd like to share, please send them to me.

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