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Working With Variegated Yarns

by Linda

Don't you love those multicoloured yarns and threads? They're known by many names: variegated, ombre, painted, printed, space dyed and so on. Technically, there are minor differences between them, but the effect is the same. The colours change throughout the length of yarn, producing pleasing, interesting effects. Unfortunately, we sometimes don't get quite the look we want.

You may already be familiar with the joys of working with variegated yarns. This section exists to help you solve the problems you may encounter along the way. Some of these ideas I've come up with on my own, some I picked up over the years on the net or from magazines, a few have been contributed by visitors like yourself.

If you have any additional tips or ideas you feel should be mentioned here, please send them to me.

If you don't find a suitable solution, please be sure to check the rest of the tips and hints listed here, since many of them are applicable to more than one problem or situation.

Changes in Colour Repeat as You Progress
When the sleeves don't match the body
Practical Uses for Variegated Yarns and Threads
A splash of variegation can make a world of difference
Pronounced Stripes or Pools of Colour
The most common problem
Specific Variegated Yarns and Threads
How long is the colour repeat?
Swatching Considerations
Absolutely essential
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