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How Much Yarn

by Linda

A handy reference from lots of calculations and a bit of common sense (I hope!).

Have you ever seen a yarn you really like, but don't know how much to buy to make the item you have in mind? So you give it your best guess and you end up with more than one or two extra balls, yet not quite enough to make something else? Or worse, you don't have enough to finish your project? If so, this page is for you.

What this chart will tell you is approximately how much yarn of a particular gauge (or weight) you'll need to produce one square inch of stocking stitch fabric. Then you simply take that amount and divide it into the length of yarn on the ball. This will tell you how much fabric you'll get from that ball of yarn.

Note: Canada has been using the metric system for a couple of decades now. Unfortunately, some of us were taught and grew up using Imperial, though everything is now labelled in metric. So, we tend to talk and think in Imperial for some things, metric in a few others, and always seem to be going through the hassle of converting between them to calculate distances, temperatures, lengths, volumes, etc. I still buy a pound of butter, even though it's labelled 454 grams. :) Anyway, enough whining, but I did want to explain why I've included both sets of measuring systems in this one document.

I've tried to include the different yarn weights as they are known in different parts of the world, use them only as a general guide. Choose your amounts based on the number of rows per 4 inches (10 cm). Ideally, you would buy one ball of yarn and make a swatch to get this measurement. If this isn't possible, use the gauge stated on the yarn label.

Stocking Stitch Yarn Requirements

Yarn Weight (Thickness) Rows per 4 In (10 cm) Rows per In (2.5 cm) Inches of Yarn Req'd per Square In (2.5 x 2.5 cm) CM of Yarn Req'd per Square In (2.5 x 2.5 cm)
Calculation   Rows per 4 In / 4 Rows per In x 3 Rows per In x 3 x 2.5
2 Ply 42 10.5 32 79
Baby / Sock / 3 Ply 40 10 30 75
  38 9.5 29 72
4 Ply Fingering / Sock / Jumper Weight 36 9 27 68
5 Ply (Aus, NZ) / Quickerknit (UK) 35 8.75 26 66
Sport 34 8.5 26 64
  32 8 24 60
Double Knitting / 8 Ply (Aus, NZ) 30 7.5 23 57
  28 7 21 53
Worsted / 10 Ply (Aus, NZ) 26 6.5 20 49
Aran 24 6 18 45
12 Ply (Aus, NZ) 22 5.5 16 42
Chunky 20 5 15 38
Bulky / Chunky (Eur) 18 4.5 14 34
Super Bulky 16 4 12 28
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