Cardone 66-1325 New CV Axle

Product Type: CV Axle
Model: 66-1325
Condition: New
Boot Design: Neoprene with additional bellows
Threads and Splines: Precision rolled for easy replacement
Grease: Contains 3% moly grease for high-temperature resilience
Transmission Seal: Precision machined after heat treatment for extended life



This product comes with neoprene boots that are crafted with extra bellows where required, mitigating stress and preventing ozone cracking.

Both threads and splines are precision-rolled, paving the way for a smooth, hassle-free replacement process.

The inclusion of 3% moly grease enhances high-temperature tolerance for increased durability and reduced wear.

After undergoing heat treatment, the transmission seal diameter is precision machined to achieve an optimal surface finish, which contributes to extended seal longevity.