KINGRASP Multi Compound Golf Grips

Color: Gray/White
Grip Type: Textured
Grip Size: Standard/Midsize/Oversize

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This set offers 13 KINGRASP Multi Compound Golf Grips in varying sizes: Standard, Midsize, and Oversize. Specifications include a core size of 0.600″, grip length of 10.50″, and weights ranging from 51±3g to 97±3g.

Materials used are top-notch. The upper section combines natural rubber with cotton thread technology, ensuring slip resistance and stability. The lower section is crafted from high-feedback rubber, offering a comfortable and durable feel. The unique cotton thread design ensures a snug fit with hand contours and gloves. (Note: handle tape and solvent not included).

The grip boasts a soft texture for enhanced feedback and stickiness. A special texture on the back improves comfort and feel, ensuring a firm grip even in challenging weather conditions.

The 2023 design showcases a fine grain texture, blending with the rubber and cotton thread technology. This design boosts traction during swings, offering superior slip and shock resistance. The grip’s small particles and concave design also promote ventilation, ensuring a comfortable grip. Experience a waterproof, breathable, and shockproof grip that lets you swing confidently.

For any concerns, reach out to KINGRASP’s dedicated customer service. With a 30-day full refund policy, your purchase is entirely risk-free.