MAC Plum Lipstick – Plum Dandy

Brand: MAC
Skin Type: All
Item Form: Cream
Finish Type: Cream



Captivating Shade: Plum Dandy is a rich, deep plum lipstick that adds a touch of mystery and allure to your look. This stunning color is perfect for those who crave a bold yet refined statement for any occasion, from evening events to daily glam.

Lustrous Finish: MAC’s Plum Lipstick formula is celebrated for its exquisite satin finish. Plum Dandy glides on effortlessly, offering you a creamy, comfortable feel while delivering intense, opulent color. Your lips will feel both nourished and luxuriously soft.

Long-Lasting: This lipstick is designed to stay put, ensuring your captivating look remains intact throughout the day and night. Plum Dandy is smudge-proof, transfer-resistant, and built to endure, no matter where your day takes you.

High-Quality: MAC’s reputation for premium cosmetics is well-deserved, and Plum Dandy is no exception. Crafted with the finest ingredients and the utmost attention to quality, you can trust this lipstick to deliver the very best in both color and performance.

Versatile: Whether you’re aiming for a sultry evening look or a confident everyday appearance, Plum Dandy has the versatility to match. Pair it with other makeup products to complete your desired style and experience its transformative power.

Chic Packaging: MAC’s Plum Lipstick comes in a sleek black tube, showcasing the elegant and understated design that the brand is renowned for. Its compact size makes it perfect for keeping in your purse or makeup bag for effortless touch-ups while on the go.