Mercury Spitfire 4-Blade Aluminum Propeller

Material: Aluminum
Manufacturer: ‎Mercury Marine / Mercruiser
For mid-range outboards

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Experience accelerated performance like never before with our propeller. It provides an exceptional 16-25% faster acceleration compared to traditional three-blade props, allowing you to get on plane swiftly and effortlessly. Say goodbye to sluggish starts and hello to quick and smooth acceleration.

The propeller’s added cup design takes performance to the next level by offering superior holding power and acceleration. This innovative feature ensures enhanced grip on the water, allowing you to maintain control and achieve optimal acceleration even in challenging conditions.

Designed with a high rake blade design, this propeller is optimized for higher speeds. The carefully engineered blade shape and angle reduce drag and maximize efficiency, enabling you to reach greater speeds and experience improved overall performance on the water.

Equipped with the Flo-Torq II Hub System, our propeller provides not only exceptional performance but also protection for your engine drivetrain. This system cushions and safeguards against most damage-causing impacts, giving you peace of mind and confidence to navigate through various water conditions.