Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite

Rubber sole
You can find Nike React technology—a lightweight durable foam—directly under your foot for a smooth, responsive ride that minimizes stud pressure.
When you’re constantly moving and accelerating, containment and stability are key. The ‘X’ fit system at the back of the heel creates a locked-in feel, while the high profile design offers a supportive feel around your ankle.
Long break-in periods can be frustrating when you’re spending so much time on the field. Our flexible TPU plate has the dual benefit of shortening that process and offering flex for more comfort during sprints.
Durable toe box stands up to the demands of the game for comfortable containment. No-slip tongue minimizes distractions so you can keep your focus on the field.

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The Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite caters to the dedicated player who dominates the field day after day. It prioritizes your comfort and security during intense play. With the Nike React midsole, foam is strategically positioned beneath your foot, reducing stud pressure. The ‘X’ fit system in the heel ensures maximum containment, instilling a sense of confidence. Additionally, the TPU plate offers enhanced flexibility, allowing for a comfortable experience during long hours on the field. It also facilitates a quicker break-in period.