Reel Yaks Motorized Fishing Kayak

Brand: Reel Yaks
Weight: 11 Pounds
Material: Plastic
Style: Classic



Navigate your way to a coveted fishing location or brave the waves with this potent fin pedal propulsion system, designed to be kind to your knees. The discreet flaps allow for quiet and agile movement, resistant to getting snagged in underwater vegetation, optimal for shallow waters near docks and stumps, and at a mere 11lbs, far lighter than a prop drive, granting you the luxury of extra gear.

This ground-breaking kayak design offers a stable “W” hull for sitting or standing activities. Its spacious cockpit comes equipped with three secure storage compartments, ideal for even the most turbulent waters, and four track rails to mount rod holders and additional equipment. With six rod holders and a bottle holder, it truly is the ultimate fishing vessel.

Extended voyages are made comfortable with a stadium-style chair featuring cushioning and quick-drying, breathable fabric, promising enhanced comfort. Customize the adjustable backrest and rails to fit your needs, while the thick foot pads offer standing comfort and superior grip when required.

Weighing just 68lbs when unloaded, this professional pedal-drive kayak is easy to hoist onto your vehicle, ready to transport you to your hidden fishing paradise in a flash. It boasts a remarkable 500lbs load capacity, ensuring you and your crucial gear are covered, no matter what you’re reeling in.

With an 11′ length, this kayak is easily maneuvered and stored. Its durable construction and thorough testing allow for various storage options – flat, sideways, or racked. Additionally, the flap pedal drive system is lightweight with a flat profile, enabling hassle-free, secure storage under your vehicle’s seat or even a home shelf.