SAGUARO Unisex Water Sport Shoes Quick-Dry Barefoot Swim Shoes

Brand Size US Size EU Size
4.5 Men 6.5 Women 36
5 Men 7 Women 37
6 Men 8 Women 38
6.5 Men 8.5 Women 39
7 Men 9.5 Women 40
8 Men 10 Women 41
9 Men 11 Women 42
10 Men 12 Women 43
10.5 Men 12.5 Women 44
11.5 Men 13.5 Women 45
12 Men 140Women 46
13 Men 15 Women 47
14 Men 16 Women 48


These imported water shoes boast a sturdy rubber sole, ensuring excellent grip on slippery surfaces while shielding your feet from loose pebbles.

Designed for utmost convenience, these swim shoes are effortless to slip on and off, even when your feet are wet. Plus, they dry rapidly – just a few minutes in the sun, and you’re ready to pack up and go.

Breathability is a key feature, thanks to the stretchy, breathable upper material that keeps unpleasant odors at bay. The soles feature strategically placed drainage holes, ensuring swift water drainage.

Experience exceptional comfort as these aqua shoes are lightweight, preventing any feeling of bulkiness. They alleviate foot burden while providing effective coverage against dirt and debris.

Perfect for various occasions, these water shoes are ideal for recreational activities like lake or beach swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing. They are also great for strolls along the beach or wet areas where reliable grip and foot protection are essential.