Shinymoon 2 Sets Couples 80s Workout Costume Halloween Cosplay



Revive the vibrant spirit of the 80s with our exclusive 80s Costume Set. This meticulously curated ensemble features essential elements to transport you back to the iconic era of neon lights and funky beats.

The set includes a trendy women’s swimsuit, leotard leggings that blend comfort with style, and two sets of sweatbands, comprising a headband and wristbands, adding a touch of authenticity to your look. The ensemble is completed with a pair of chic earrings, cozy leg warmers, a men’s tank top, and shorts. Plus, you’ll find two fanny packs included, catering to both men and women. Perfect for couples who want to embrace the 80s fashion together.

Choose from a range of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for various body types. The outfit is crafted from premium materials, with the swimsuit made from 98% nylon, guaranteeing durability and fade resistance. The leggings are soft, stretchy, and breathable, promising comfort throughout your retro adventures.

Embrace the versatility of our 80s Costume Set. Whether you’re hitting the yoga mat, attending a dress-up party, or simply adding a playful twist to your everyday wear, these outfits are your go-to choice. The vibrant colors and vintage designs capture the essence of the 80s, making them ideal for occasions like bars, birthdays, Halloween, and bachelorette parties.

Get ready to dance the night away and make a statement with our 80s Party Accessories. Let the retro vibes flow and relive the glory days in style.