Sixthreezero Body Ease Adult Tricycle

Bike Type: Tricycle
Age Range: Adult
Brand: Sixthreezero
Number of Speeds: 7
Color: Matte Black
Wheel Size: 26 Inches
Frame Material: Aluminum
Special Feature: Basket, Foldable

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Experience the ultimate in balance and comfort with the sixthreezero Body Ease Tricycle. This tricycle is designed to alleviate any concerns about balance, allowing you to relax and enjoy your rides to the fullest. With its step-through frame, mounting and dismounting the bike is a breeze, eliminating the fear of falling or tipping over.

The 1.95-inch tires effortlessly glide over streets, providing a smooth ride and effectively absorbing any bumps along the way. Your body will be spared from feeling the impact. Plus, with the spacious 59 x 48.5 cm rear basket, you can easily bring everything you need on your journey, be it groceries, a towel, or even your beloved pet.

The ergonomic riding position of the Body Ease Tricycle ensures that your major joints, including your shoulders, wrists, and knees, are positioned in a relaxed and tension-free manner while riding. Say goodbye to any discomfort or strain during your rides. Your body will truly appreciate the thoughtfully designed features of this tricycle, ensuring a pleasurable riding experience every time.