Snowcinda Automatic Machine Gun Toy Gun

  • Accurate and fast shooting up to 35-50 feet.
  • Customizable blaster with accessories and adjustable tactical stock.
  • Three automatic burst modes: single shot, 3 bursts, and multiple bursts.
  • Comes with a 12-dart quick reload clip and 100 bullets for extended playtime.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 4-7 hours on a full 2-3 hour charge.
  • Tested and approved for reliable performance and quality.


Enjoy accurate and fast shooting with this automatic gun toy. It can reach distances of 35-50 feet with high accuracy, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor games. Kids and teens will have a blast hitting their targets with precision.

Customize your blaster into three different versions with ease. This DIY toy machine gun allows you to add accessories to the tail, barrel attachment point, and rear sight. Additionally, the tactical stock is adjustable in length, providing a personalized shooting experience.

Experience enhanced shooting fun with three automatic burst modes. Choose between a single shot, 3 bursts, or multiple bursts to take your blaster skills to new heights. This versatile toy gun offers a variety of shooting options for endless entertainment.