Taylormade TP5x Balls for Golf

Brand: TaylorMade
Material: Plastic
Color: White
Item Weight: 1 Pounds

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Skillfully positioned USA-themed graphics encircle the TaylorMade emblem, forming the ClearPath Alignment for immediate feedback. Its professional-grade functionality boosts green alignment and enhances your putting stroke’s precision.

Tactically arranged graphics set a direct line from the ball to the target, framing a single TaylorMade logo and TP5x stamp. This provides instant visual feedback for the player.

The updated multi-hued pattern of pix is now more noticeable under varying light conditions, thus boosting visibility and alignment.

Rickie Fowler’s year-long collaboration and his distinctive playoff mustache influenced pix’s development. His insights were instrumental in creating the unique ClearPath Alignment and graphic pattern.

This system of four progressively stiff layers improves ball speed and impact rebound. HFM, a high-flex material, boosts energy transfer and rebounds rapidly for increased ball speed and enhanced performance.

The softer cast urethane cover, being the fifth layer in TP5/TP5x, improves groove interaction for more spin near the green. The updated Soft-Tough Cover boasts an enhanced urethane compound and paint formulation for greater durability, presented in a seamless 322 dimple pattern.