Winn DriTac Wrap WinnDry Grip

Material: Rubber
Core Size: 0.600 inch
Grip weight: 50 grams
High water resistance and shock absorption

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With a core size of 0.600 inches, this round grip ensures a snug fit on your club, providing stability and control during your swing. The grip weight of 50 grams strikes the perfect balance between lightness and feel, allowing for a comfortable and responsive grip.

Built to withstand various weather conditions, this rubber grip boasts high water resistance, ensuring a reliable hold even in wet conditions. Additionally, the grip’s shock absorption properties minimize impact vibrations, enhancing your comfort and reducing hand fatigue.

Featuring a sleek dark gray colorway, this grip exudes a modern and sophisticated look on your club. The minimal texture adds just the right amount of grip traction without sacrificing a smooth and comfortable feel. The tapered profile further enhances your grip, providing a secure and consistent connection between your hands and the club.