ZUCKEO 5W RGB Landscape Lighting Color Changing

  • Brand: ZUCKEO
  • Light fixture form: Path
  • Color: RGB & warm white lights
  • Material: Aluminum
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Experience the perfect blend of warm white and vibrant RGB lighting with our versatile low voltage landscape lights. Elevate the ambiance of your surroundings with the inviting warmth of the white hue, while embracing a spectrum of 16 captivating colors to infuse your life with vivid vibrancy. Whether you’re seeking to illuminate your everyday spaces, adorn festive holiday displays, or present thoughtful gifts, these lights cater to a range of scenarios with seamless grace.

Switch effortlessly between Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth color transitions using the color-changing modes, all at your fingertips through the intuitive remote control. Customize the luminosity to your preference with dimming functionality. The memory function ensures that your chosen color and mode remain preserved, even after a restart, allowing you to maintain your desired atmosphere without interruption.

Forged from resilient aluminum, these multi-color spotlights stand as a testament to durability and resistance against corrosive elements. The robust IP66 waterproof rating secures the reliability of outdoor illumination, enabling these dynamic RGBW landscape lights to endure the test of time, consistently radiating their captivating glow.

Adhering to a safe low voltage range of 12V-24V, these lights seamlessly integrate with an array of low voltage lighting systems. Designed with practicality in mind, the three-hole configuration and sturdy metal stakes ensure swift and steady installation—whether mounted on a wall or elegantly embedded into the earth.