Auto Dynasty Heavy Duty Hard Shell Roof

Brand: Auto Dynasty
Material: ABS Plastic
Product Dimensions: 53″L x 34″W x 15″H
Color: Textured Black



This rooftop cargo carrier is designed to attach securely to cross bars up to 13 inches in width; verify dimensions prior to purchase. The set includes a 53-inch long storage unit, two keys for the security lock, and four mounting brackets that require no tools for installation.

Made from durable, impact-resistant ABS, this carrier is built to withstand harsh outdoor elements. It features a side-opening design with a sturdy support arm, allowing for easy access and secure closure.

The opening measures 14 inches wide, facilitating the storage of large items. Simple to set up without any tools, this cargo carrier’s dimensions are 53 inches in length, 34 inches in width, and 15 inches in height, offering a capacity of 11 cubic feet and a maximum load of 110 pounds.