UPLUS BCI Group 48 AGM Start-Stop Car Battery

Size: H6/Group 48
Product Dimensions: 6.81″D x 10.98″W x 7.51″HTerminal SAE Terminal



This battery, adhering to the BCI Group 48 (H6 L3) dimensions of 10.98 x 6.81 x 7.51 inches, is an essential check for compatibility before purchase.

Offering quadruple the cycling capacity, this product boasts a high-density negative paste along with a silver calcium stamped alloy. The Uplus Start and Stop AGM battery excels in longevity, outperforming standard batteries significantly in cycle life.

Tailored for vehicles equipped with start-stop systems, this battery fits seamlessly into the international standard size BCI Group 48 (H6/L3). It’s the ideal choice for vehicles with high electrical demands like DVD players, navigation, heated seats, and more. It’s also perfect for cars that make frequent short journeys or face heavy traffic, as well as those that remain idle for extended periods.

The product combines deep-cycle and cranking power effectively. Its calcium lead positive grid ensures maximum conductivity with minimal resistance. It delivers the highest cold cranking amperes (760CCA), ensuring reliable engine starts even in the coldest winters.

Safety is paramount with this battery. It’s designed to be 15 times more resistant to vibration and features a vent cap design that prevents acid leakage. The battery is entirely free of free acid, ensuring top-level safety. It replicates the quality of original spare parts, ensuring a seamless replacement.

Lastly, the product is backed by comprehensive local after-sales support, with a 3-year service guarantee. UPLUS maintains offices and warehouses in California and Georgia, promising a response time within 12 hours.