BOSCH BC1293 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Compatible models include:

  • LEXUS: 2013-17 ES300h, 2007-17 ES350
  • TOYOTA: 2008-18 Avalon, 2007-17 Camry


The Bosch QuietCast brake pad series boasts an impressive legacy of over 77 years in OE braking expertise. It guarantees top-tier performance, unmatched strength, durability, and incorporates pioneering technologies, such as Molded Shim Technology (MST).

These brake pads feature the industry’s finest pre-attached OE-style multilayer rubber core shims. These shims establish an exceptional bond between rubber and steel, reducing noise, enhancing strength, and fortifying against corrosion.

Bosch’s engineers have subjected the Ceramic friction material in the QuietCast line to rigorous formulation and testing. This meticulous engineering results in superior performance, outstanding stopping power, and a hushed operation with minimal dust generation.

The brake pads also come equipped with a powder-coated backing plate that serves as a formidable barrier against rust and corrosion. In turn, this extends the lifespan of the brake pads. Additionally, precision slots and chamfers guarantee a premium fit and function.

Each set includes pads for one axle, covering two wheels. It also includes a hardware kit (where available) and synthetic lubricant to reduce resistance at sliding contact points.

These front brake pads are compatible with select vehicles, but it’s essential to verify specific fitment details, as vehicle trim levels and engines may affect compatibility.