haphealgolf Golf Towel 16″ x 21″ Tri-fold Microfiber Waffle with Carabiner Clip

Color: 2 Pack–1 Gray+1 Black
Brand: Haphealgolf
Towel form type: Bath Towel
Material: Microfiber

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Superior Absorption and Quick Drying – The unique eight-part split filament technique used in the microfiber gives it an asterisk-like cross-section under magnification. This increases the surface area and porosity of the microfiber, and with its distinctive waffle groove pattern, the towel excels in water absorption and rapid drying compared to other towels.

Enhanced Dirt Removal – The microfiber towel demonstrates superior dirt, mud, sand, and grass removal abilities, thanks to its special cross-section design, which effectively traps dust particles as minuscule as a few microns.

Easy to Clean and Wash – Unlike ordinary towels that absorb dust, grease, and dirt into the fiber, making it difficult to clean over time, the microfiber towel attracts dirt between the fibers. This results in a stronger absorption capacity, making the towel easier to clean with just water or a bit of detergent.