Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Bike Type: Mountain Bike
Age Range: Adult
Brand: Mongoose
Number of Speeds: 7
Wheel Size: 26 Inches

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Perfectly suited for cyclists who stand 5’4″ to 6′ tall, this mountain bike boasts a robust steel frame, jumbo knobby tires, and 26-inch wheels, promising an easy mastery of any rough terrain. Its flexibility allows for easy adjustment to accommodate cyclists of varying heights, with a threadless headset to enhance speed and performance. The inclusion of sturdy yet lightweight alloy rims effectively reduces the bike’s overall weight.

This bike delivers a comfortable ride, featuring beach cruiser pedals. It prioritizes rider safety, equipped with both front and rear mechanical disc brakes. It has a 1×7 drivetrain that ensures silky gear shifts and efficient power distribution during rides.

On delivery, this mountain bike is 80% assembled, requiring only a Phillips head screwdriver, a 2.5-8mm Allen wrench, an adjustable wrench, and pliers with cable cutting ability for full assembly.