SealLine Discovery Deck Waterproof Dry Bag with PurgeAir

Brand: SealLine
Color: Black
Material: Polyester
Style: Discovery Deck Waterproof Dry Bag With Purgeair
Closure Type: Buckle



Crafted for the adventurous souls seeking a dependable companion in the great outdoors, this exceptional dry bag boasts an array of features that set it apart. Its innovative waterproof PurgeAir valve, designed to efficiently vent trapped air, not only aids compression but also enhances durability and waterproofing, outshining traditional breathable fabric membranes.

Designed with practicality in mind, this dry bag features an adjustable carry strap and multiple lash points, ensuring hassle-free portaging and secure storage. Its construction relies on a lightweight, durable, and PVC-free fabric, engineered to endure the rigors of frequent and demanding use.

Experience effortless closure with the DrySeal roll-top design, which not only seals your belongings safely but also guards them against water intrusion. The oval bottom not only prevents inconvenient rolling within dry holds but also simplifies the packing process.

Discover your gear with ease thanks to the light-colored interior, allowing you to locate your essentials swiftly. The RF welded seams, in contrast to traditional sewn-and-taped seams, grant superior durability and waterproofing.

Embrace the convenience of the small 10-liter size, offering an ultralight solution at a mere 13 ounces (370 grams) and compact dimensions measuring 5 x 8.5 x 14.5 inches (13 x 21.5 x 36 centimeters). This dry bag is your trusty companion for all your aquatic adventures, ensuring your gear stays safe and dry.