Taloya Smart Ceiling Light Flush Mount LED

  • Brand: TALOYA
  • Light fixture: Ceiling
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Modern
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Need hassle-free installation? Look no further. Spend just three minutes watching the “TALOYA Ceiling Light-G2” video on YouTube for easy setup tips. This DIY-friendly product seamlessly integrates with your standard ON/OFF wall switch, ensuring simplicity at every step.

Our ceiling light boasts a high-quality fire-resistant plastic shell, guarding against electric shock, leakage, and potential disasters from short circuits. With built-in short circuit protection, your family’s safety is their top priority. Ensure your installation area has WIFI coverage and use a regular ON/OFF toggle switch for optimal functionality.

Dim or brighten the Front White light and Back RGB light effortlessly using ALEXA or the Smart Life smartphone app (compatible with both IOS and Android). Please note, the Front White light and Back RGB light can’t be ON simultaneously. Enjoy individual or group control, set timers, and create schedules—all at your fingertips. Only 2.4GHz WIFI is supported for seamless connectivity.

The 20Watt Front White light offers adjustable brightness and color temperature, catering to your diverse lighting needs from warm white to daylight white (10% to 100% brightness). With a lifespan of over 5 years under normal usage, it ensures long-lasting performance. Avoid turning off the switch to maintain continuous power connection, enabling convenient control via the Cellphone App or ALEXA.

The 4Watt Back light features energy-efficient RGB color change options. Dim each color’s brightness through the app or ALEXA, making it ideal for children’s rooms during nighttime. Let them choose their favorite color using the app or ALEXA, providing comfort and security during bedtime.