Wabash Valley Farms – Classic Popping Oil – 8 oz

Flavor: Corn
Item Weight: 8 Ounces
Specialty: Kosher



CREATE DELICIOUS POPCORN IN A JIFFY: With this unique blend of coconut and corn popping oil, and a sprinkle of buttery salt, you’re just three minutes away from delectable stovetop popcorn. This Kosher pareve certified oil is the ideal companion for your Whirley Pop, ensuring a flawless popcorn experience every time.

HOME-MADE THEATER-STYLE POPCORN: This package includes two 8-ounce jars of our top-grade Classic Blend Popping Oil. It’s your secret to recreating the irresistible flavor of movie theater popcorn right at home, but with a healthier twist. This delightful oil, reminiscent of coconut oil in taste and aroma, boasts 65% less fat than traditional coconut oil and is free of trans fats. Plus, its Kosher pareve certification caters to a broad spectrum of dietary preferences.

FLAVORFUL AND FLEXIBLE: This classic popping oil is the perfect partner for Wabash Valley Farms popping corn. Season it to your liking for a personalized taste. You can also experiment with it in other snacks or recipes for an exciting flavor spin!

ENHANCE YOUR MOVIE NIGHTS: This delectable popping oil is a must-have for your Whirley Pop or other favorite popcorn recipes. Its unique, healthy flavor is sure to become a regular craving during your movie nights.

PRACTICAL AND PRESERVABLE: The compact jar design ensures ease of use. Once you’re done popping your popcorn or preparing your favorite snack, simply store the oil in your pantry for future use. While the color and consistency may change with temperature, rest assured that the taste and quality will remain unaltered.