Gravity Monster Fat Tire Bicycle 26″ x 4″

Bike Type Mountain Bike
Age Range (Description) Adult
Brand Gravity
Number of Speeds 16
Color Satin Nautical Blue
Wheel Size 26 Inches
Frame Material Aluminum
Suspension Type Rigid

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Experience the brilliance of FAT BIKES – a brilliantly simple concept designed for ultimate control in loose conditions. The magic lies in the colossal tires, delivering unparalleled mastery over various terrains.

With their expansive tires, these bikes effortlessly glide over snow and sand, establishing themselves as the epitome of speed on mud, bogs, deep sand, and snow-covered paths. Beyond their performance, they spark conversations and elicit ear-to-ear grins wherever you venture.

Observe the intricate design of the rim, featuring large perforations. Unlike conventional fat bike rims, these rims boast a unique cutout single-wall structure that offers a captivating visual. The bulge of the rim tape, caused by internal tube pressure, is delightfully visible. Choose from a range of contrasting colors to suit your style.

But how do these Fat Bikes really ride? They excel! Conquer almost any terrain with ease, gliding gracefully over three feet of powdery snow or treacherous sugar sand. Say goodbye to walking as you embrace more riding. In demanding conditions like snow, deflating the tires provides enhanced traction, ensuring your journey remains smooth.

Standing out is inevitable with Fat Bikes. Sporting massive, “fat” tires, they defy obstacles, making them a perfect winter transport choice. Navigating snowy and icy trails becomes a breeze, thanks to their unrivaled traction. Although initially tailored for snowy landscapes, their adaptability extends to diverse environments, including sandy and rocky terrain. Thus, local bike experts hail them as the quintessential all-purpose mountain bikes of the future.

When it comes to selecting the right fit, your preferences take the lead. Caught between sizes? Opt for a larger frame for extended upper body/leg length and elevated handlebars, or go smaller for a more aggressive posture and lower bars.

Acquiring these Fat Bikes is a breeze, with about 80 percent of the assembly complete upon arrival. If bike assembly isn’t in your comfort zone, entrust a seasoned bike mechanic for this task. Even if you choose the DIY route, a final safety check at a local bike shop is recommended to ensure optimal assembly and your riding safety.